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Greetings goes to this growing site! I heard about this from an administrator from another community and started having the itch to come and check it out. I will say that I like the layout and really enjoy the functionally of this website. I feel like I'm wanting to compare this to Fetlife but, I don't know if you post local munches or parties on here or not yet.


So I'm really into spanking and I've been pretty much waist deep into these types of communities for almost a year now. I'm really enjoying the dynamic and would gladly throw some activity into this site. In fact, I've advertised this site to another community that I'm a part of as well. So I'm pretty sure you'll be getting another influx of members along with me. We've got your back and we really support these kinds of communities. I'm also very happy to help with things should I be given the opportunity to try.


As far as some small things about me that I would gladly, I'm a switch, a spanking fiction novelist, and have experience in administrating gaming communities that I'm also a part of. I'm very anxious to get to know all of you and make some good friends. I'm almost always on Skype so, that's the best place to contact me for a good ol' chat. Thanks for reading and have a good day everyone!  

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Okay! I wanna respond to a few people now. hehehe...

Welcome. I just joined to under similar circumstances. Your post sounds a lot like what I would say. We should chat.

I'd be happy to chat sometime. I'll be looking for your name soon.


Haha I have a "slight" idea where you came from X3 greetings oh peppy one owo

Haha! There's only two places that I've been and I'm logged onto both of them right now. I wonder if you can guess which ones. X3

Hello! I'm happy to see that you finally broke down and joined the site (mwhaha)!~ <3 So far I wouldn't say it's like FetLife in the way that there are regular munches or anything like that, but I know some members have arranged their own meet ups in their own area. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

You saying "finally broke down" makes me feel like we've met before and even  if not, we should be good friends anyways. <3 I also gladly accept to go to you for all my questions and concerns so, thank you so much for the offering.


Hello Alex, I am new here too, nice to meet you!

Hello Ruli. It's nice to meet you too!


Welcome to the forums c: thanks for supporting the community as well~~

You're very welcome. This kind of stuff is my passion so, I'm very happy to help you guys out in anyway I can. :D

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