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Hello there :)


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Hi everyone!
You can call me Myron (he/him)

I’m a 25 year old living in the UK. I am friendly, so please feel free to come chat! I like Anime, Music and reading among a whole bunch of other things that i would be happy to tell you about. 

i have had this account for a while but not posted before and finally decided it was time to do my intro. I'm not new to DDLG, but not been as active in the community in the past few years but looking to get back into it and hopefully find the one to learn and have new experiences with.

well thats me for now and thank you for reading my intro 


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Hi Myron! Welcome! It’s nice to hear from everyone here so I’m glad you decided to make an introduction. 🥳

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Hello and welcome plz feel free to add and message me as I'm always looking to learn new things about ddlg and make new friends in this wonderful community 

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