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hi, i'm elodie.


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i actually joined a few days ago, but i didn't post an introduction. i usually like chatrooms more than forums, but i figured i'd give this place a go anyways~


hi, i'm elodie, i like video games and anime and j-fashion (mostly lolita)~ i draw stuff sometimes and i like eating food. cats are my favorite animal and red pandas are a pretty close second! my favorite color is green but i don't really own a lot of green things. 


i've only been involved in dd/lg for a few months ~officially~ but i had a pretty similar relationship with my daddy before we discovered it was a thing. we got married a few months ago so that's pretty cool.


that's about it i guess! okay bye now.

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Welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy your stay here. You can also post your drawing in the Creative Corner, if you'd like and I'm sure you can find people with similar interests ^.^ 


Also, off topic, I read your name as Edible xD Sowwy 

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