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  1. 1. Would you be interested in a private club where you can be 100% open and yourself with fellow ABDL members?

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 It has come to my attention that there may be a need for a club for our ABDL members.

 I have created a poll to gauge interest in such a club. The names of voters should be set to private. If you can see them please let me know.

 This would be a club for sharing not just your enjoyment of the lifestyle but also to support anyone having issues such as online or IRL discrimination for their choices. It would be a safe place to discuss whatever you have on your mind from the best places to buy products to finding moral support when you feel stressed by the outside world. It would also be a safe place for those interested in exploring the lifestyle with people that have real world experience and knowledge that are happy to share.

 Since we understand this lifestyle can be very private we would set this club to private and only members would be able to see who is in it or what is being discussed.

 It would also be set to invite only to keep the member's identities as private as possible. Not everyone wants to be in the open about their private life and we understand this.

 If you are interested in such a club please drop a vote in the poll.

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We've had some positive feelings towards this club idea. To make a club we will need 2 people willing to take care of it. 1 owner and 1 as a 2nd in charge. I know nada about this part of the lifestyle and would be the worst choice so we need volunteers, preferably someone that has been here a while and knows and or lives ABDL.

You can chime in here or message me. 

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This club is now open. 

The club is set to private so you have to be invited to join.

Anyone wanting to join can either send me a message or let me know here.

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I'd like an invite too please, and thank you @shadowriderfor all your hard work on managing the forum! :D I love seeing all the new clubs that people are participating in :) 

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Ok, this is probably just a me issue but where do I find the invite once it's sent? Yes, my brain is not processing tech well this week.

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