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Indigenous Peoples' Day


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Hello, today is Indigenous Peoples' Day! We're not quite yet into Native American Heritage Month, but I figured this was the most appropriate section of the forum to post for today! I''ve got some nice little friendly videos to learn more about it if you're curious.

This one focuses on Native Americans and rethinking Columbus Day:


This one focuses on the First Nations people of Canada:


This one mentions indigenous people all around the world (safe link from PBS Learning):


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Hello again! This link has a lot of activities and resources about Indigenous Peoples' Day... so whether you want to do some reading or activities to honor this holiday there's a lot of options here: https://www.weareteachers.com/indigenous-peoples-day/

This link from PBS has different activities for learning that vary by age group that some might find fun to partake in: https://www.pbssocal.org/education/how-to-honor-indigenous-peoples-with-your-kids-today-and-every-day

This one I wouldn't recommend reading in littlespace, but it has a lot of information on how to be an ally to indigenous people (it does have swear words, but the information is very good): https://www.vice.com/en/article/pa5a3m/how-to-be-an-ally-to-native-americans-indigenous-people . If you have a habit of making comments like about "spirit animals" this is probably a good article for you to read up on, you might find other ways you don't even realize are considered disrespectful to indigenous culture.

Ideas for celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day:

  • learn and make a traditional dish
  • listen to music made by indigenous artists
  • go to a museum or look at some art online created by indigenous artists
  • buy something fun for yourself or someone else from a native artist
  • watch a movie, documentary, or cartoon that is respectful of indigenous culture (I recommend Molly of Denali for littles)
  • read a book written by an indigenous author (there are even some made thatw ould be great for littles)
  • find some crafts online that are respectful and not appropriating of indigenous culture (you can make nature or animal crafts if you can't find any)
  • donate to a cause that is supportive of inidgenous people or the environment
  • do something positive for the environment
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Thank you so much for sharing! I definitely learned a thing or two, and Molly of Denali looks super cool! 

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12 hours ago, Princette Bambi said:

Thank you so much for sharing! I definitely learned a thing or two, and Molly of Denali looks super cool! 

You're welcome! There's also Spirit Rangers



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