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Glitter Baby

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Hello. I'm Emery and I'm new to the forum and moderately new to being a little. I first started identifying as little this March, but only just now have been able to really talk about it, and I am slowly growing to understand many things about myself. I think being at university where I could truly explore my gender, sexuality and overall expression has helped me a lot.


In person, I only know one other little. He's an adorable little trans boy by the name of Lyle and I like to think of him as my "brother" of sorts. When I go to his house, we do things like stay up late watching Disney movies, giggle about the Rugrats and eat ice cream. It's just that he's so cute and I feel like I'm not a real little when I see him and he's little and I'm not. It makes me feel crummy. Assuming this is something I will figure out how to deal with in time.


It's really hard to talk about little space when I'm not little and it's hard to type when I am little [another thing I'm hoping I can figure out], but I just wanted to introduce myself and thank this forum for existing!

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