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So I avoided making an Intro because

little paper stars

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I wasn't sure if I was going to be brave enough to commit to the site? But since my Big seems really on board with our relationship adding the DD/lg dynamic, I want to stick around and make some friends! I'm ungodly shy and it's hard for me to strike up a conversation but I can keep up if someone says hi first! ; u;


Let me go ahead and tell you everything I can remember about myself.


¤ My name is Alex. I don't mind being called that or a variation of my user name!


¤ I really love making paper stars! I haven't made any since I started working Amazon's crazy holiday hours, but as soon as that's over, it'll be back to selling bottles of them online!


¤ I'm extremely new to the DD/lg dynamic. I discovered it a few months ago and found that being little REALLY helps me get through my anxiety and depression! Since my boyfriend could see the improvement, he vouched to be my Big. I'm so happy!


¤ My favorite things to eat are:

· The tango roll from our local sushi joint. (I get it every time but I'm trying to branch out! I'm a creature of habit.)

· Sweets like fruit tarts and cakes. I don't really like eating things like candy bars or other things like that, but sometimes I get these huge cravings. . .

· I can't think of anything else. I'm going to keep typing so it looks like I actually have a list of food faves but we all know I'm lying.


¤ I'm madly in love with Rilakkuma. Pusheen is slowly taking over my heart, too, but bears are my favorite animal ever.


¤ I really want to learn how to decoden!


I'm tired of typing, so just add me if you'd like to be friends!

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Hey there! Oh my goodness, you sound so lovely and wonderful! Welcome to the forum! Super happy to have you here! :D 


Some really good ways to meet others and make some friends is to get involved in various threads or pop into the chatroom! Hope to see you there! :)

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Ohh, you flatter me! ////


I usually re-use any glass bottles! Like from sodas. The label tends to be my color scheme. If they came with a cap that couldn't be screwed off (like on beer bottles) I try to pry it off gently and seal the bottle back up with a cork and hotglue the cap on top.


As far as paper, I get great big giant pads from Hobby Lobby! I get the scrapbooking kind, usually the 180 sheet one. They're twenty bucks, but they last a really long time!


Sometimes, if I'm using a fizzy drink bottle, I'll put some sand in the very bottom. Whenever you tip the bottle over, it sounds like fizzy!

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