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Hey guys. I'm currently looking to expand my group of casual gamers. We are mostly PC gamers, though some of us do play X-Box, I don't though. We play a variety of games, on different launchers, and from different release times. Huge staples for our group are League of Legends, Battlefield 4, D&D,  and PayDay 2. I own a Teamspeak server, and we all have Skype, so communication isn't a problem. If you are interested please fill out this short form below. :D




Time Zone:

Years of Gaming Experience:

Game with most Hours:

Do you have Skype:

Do you have Teamspeak:

Do you have Steam:

How often can you play:



All applications will be reviewed, not all will be accepted. I look forward to seeing new faces by me in the battlefield. Lok'tar Ogar!



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eh. what other things do you play?


Name: Krys

Age: 22

Time Zone: Central

Years of Gaming Experience: started with my '64 when i was about 6

Game with most Hours:  we dont have any in common listed up top. lol sorry

Do you have Skype: i do 

Do you have Teamspeak: no 

Do you have Steam: i do 

How often can you play: life dependent since my work schedule differs from day to day, but i mostly binge on the weekends 


Edit:  feel free to get a hold of me if you're interested. 

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Well the "Game with most Hours" is what game you most play on, doesn't matter if its in common with me. Some other games we play, or that some of us play: World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, Hearthstone, Civ 5, CS:GO, ARK, Age of Empires II, DST Beta, Overwatch, Terraria, COD III, Smite, Neverwinter, Robocraft, RS3, etc. 

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Common gamer tag: superroot




Time Zone:central


Years of Gaming Experience:20 years


Game with most Hours:all time is probably WoW. Currently binding of issac


Do you have Skype:yes


Do you have Teamspeak:no


Do you have Steam:yes


How often can you play: most nights after 5 or 6 central, and weekends. Depending on if it is football season as well. Because then my Sundays are devoted to that

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Name: Dylan


Time Zone: Eastern

Years of Gaming Experience: 5 to 6

Game with most Hours:League most likely.

Do you have Skype: Yup

Do you have Teamspeak: Yup

Do you have Steam: Yup

How often can you play: Pretty much all afternoon.


Been looking for a good group of people to hang with and just chill and play some games c:

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Guest StainedBlack

Name: Jeremy


Age: 26


Time Zone: GMT -8 Pacific


Years of Gaming Experience: 20


Game with most Hours: Dark Souls 2


Do you have Skype: Yep


Do you have Teamspeak: Yes


Do you have Steam: It's Aesdel


How often can you play: A few times a week or more.


Lately I've been playing Rocket League a bunch. Up for most things though.

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Name: Meredith

Age: 18

Time Zone: GMT +1 (west europe)

Years of Gaming Experience: It all started with 4 year old me playing putput and freddy fish.

Game with most Hours: Skyrim 169

Do you have Skype: yes

Do you have Teamspeak: yes

Do you have Steam: yes

How often can you play: Atleast 5 days a week

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Name: Varies from game to game...

Age: 44

Time Zone: US CST (Central Standard Time)

Years of Gaming Experience: Ever since the fifth grade :)

Game with most Hours: Too many... not sure

Do you have Skype: Yes

Do you have Teamspeak: Yes

Do you have Steam: Yes, but don't currently use due to their current unethical EULA

How often can you play: As time permits...


Guild Wars
Hellgate Global
Settlers Online
Torchlight 2
Diablo 2
Drakensang Online
Homeworld 2
Unreal Tournament

These are just the ones I can think of...

Might be getting a new rig in a few months to try some of the free MMO's out there like RIFT and Age of Wushu

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