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emulators, and games for when little middle big or emotional

twifox the genderfluid fox

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So i thought this thread would be for discusion emulators and game for emulators that help when emotional, big, little or middle . Every so ofton ill pic a diffrent system and we will discus the emulators fo that system the games we find fun or helpful for didf things.


For now we will start with the psp system. I have a emu for it on my kindle n have final fantasy crisis core, monster hunter freedom unite, and kingdom hearts birth by sleep.


I find monster hunter helpfull when im angry or am feeling scared of monsters or ppl. Also the cat cooks/wariors are adorable both in looks n how they talk.


Final fantasy is a very interactive n indepth game that has a lot to it n is helpfull sometime for distracting me.


Kingdom hearts....well...its got disney ! N final fantsy. N ur wepeon is a giant key sword called a keyblade that can open any lock! U even go to disney worlds! Its fun! Light fighting darkness n good beating evil


I like lots of kinds of games depending on my mood so metion any game . For now psp games only and no eboots

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