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Also a late introduction!


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Xero Zeikasinri


Hello there!

My Goodness, I don't know what to say! :D


God knows I've been hanging around the chat for nearing a week now, and I just hadn't made one of these posts!


I'm Xero. For those of you who know the name, you'll probably know me best as either the primary Administrator of DiaperedAnime.com, or a layabout net admin on the IRC Server there that's all awkward, but filled with love.

I can't say I have much to say, as I even struggled to write anything on my profile biography! Which... I didn't really! Just a picture, and a request for questions!

Which I'll ask again. It's easier to get to know me by asking questions about me. I'll try and answer the best I can.


For now, here are a few:


Where am you from?

Why, I hail from Jolly Old England, dear boy. What what!

Although I'm from the Englands, I am actually half Irish on my mother's side. Hi-chi-cha-cha-chi! 'Tis my pot o' gold, I tells ya!


"Also" a late introduction? What does that mean?

My sweetheart, Zinnia, made a post called A Late Introduction OwO, and this is simply my counterpart to it. I felt it was appropriate, in some form, I guess?


What's your status regarding DD/lg?

I can honestly say I don't know how to answer this question. Zinnia and I live together, nearing on three years being together. As such, we've had enough time to explore each other's minds and our standpoints regarding this subject. She's a switch, and I guess, so am I, but I am more strongly leaned on the little side, although I can have my Daddy days. Speaking of which, although she calls me that when we're in the right mindset for it, I can't say I do the same for her with "Mommy", really. Perhaps once or twice, but... it feels embarrassing. ^///^; It's hard to handle!

In general online roleplaying, I am definitely a little. My character, Xero - where the name comes from - is aged six, with a bit of a tragic backstory, as many characters tend to have. Whatever the case, he's cuddly, affectionate, and oh-so-loving when he's used to a caregiver character. He also looks adorable in a dress!


Anything else to add?

I don't know what other questions are appropriate at this moment, so... maybe I'd be better off editing this post or adding anything else to my bio. Might have to copypasta a little bit of this to my profile, though!


What else can be said?

I hope we all get along.


With much love,

- Xero


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This is a much better introduction than mine xD


You know you can call me Mommy if you want, in my dom state I actually like it when you do...don't feel embarrassed you're my babu after all<3


You're so cute after all~

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Hey there. Yeah, I've met you on several occasions on AnimeOTK and on the chat here. I also have a red account on diapered anime too so, I'd love to add you on there, if you wouldn't mind. ;) Well, I love it here and I think you like it here too so, welcome to our second home. :D 

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