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Hi (^///^)

It's WolfBaneberry~

I know my nickname is so long so anyone can shorten it hahaha


I love reading, listening to music, and playing games.. I love to collect teddy bears too~ <3 <3 and uh... I'm interested in fiction stories writing and photography. Is anyone interested too?


I'm new to this website and to the whole dd/lg things. Hope to meet new friends here to talk to :) I do hope to be able to meet a daddy here but remembering where I live, I think whoever it is will need to settle with an LDR hehe So I'm quite happy with having only friends here cause being a little in my place is quite similar to being a weird person

Ugh, I'm rambling quite bad things  :unsure: I hope no one is offended by what I write..


Anyway, nice to meet you, whoever and wherever you are :D 

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