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I'm posting some How to's and some DIY for DDlg (:
How To Put Me In Little Space

• Tell me im to little for something
• Give me a sippy cup filled with apple juice 
• Put a paci in my mouth
• Let me suck on your thumb
• Give me baths
• Wash my hair
• Put me in a diaper/Change my diaper
• Cut all my foods into cute shapes
• Tucking me into bed
• Tell me to color you a picture
• Call me ´Little one`
• Have me cuddle with my stuffies
• Paint my nails
• Do my hair, i.e. Brush it, Gimme pony tails or pig tails, Curl my hair 
• Buy me little stuff, i.e. Stuffies, Pacis, Crayons/colored pencils/markers/paint, Coloring books, Sippy cups, Onsies, Bubble bath, Baby/kiddie food, ect.
• Feed me
• Dress me for the day
• Play bunches and bunches of games
• Play dress up with me
• Show me videos/pictures of cute animals
• Gimme cute animals
• Stand over and look down on me with a lil smirk/smile
• Watch Disney movies (or any other kiddie movies) and cartoon with me
















I would love to see what you guys know about DIY and such, so go on and post!

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This is fantastic, My baby has been expressing a difficulty being in little space as often as she wants too, now I can help ease her into it. Thanks.

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I want to add some do it yourself (DIY) ideas!


I like to crochet, so I will give some crochet ideas:


- A baby blanket, just larger.

- a lovey

- a pacifier cord

- a pencil case 

- maybe even stuffies


If you google this, with the words crochet pattern, you'll find tons of patterns. 

Ravelry is also a good place to start. (Pattern site)


Drawing ideas:


Try to draw yourself!


- as a kitten

- sleeping

- as a superhero

- with your stuffie

- with the sister you've always wanted

- as a bunny

- in a pillow fort

- swimming

- dancing

- or just try to draw yourself


Other nice ideas to make are:


- food things, like cookies and icecream

- decorate your chores list with stickers and drawings

- If you can get textile markers, you can decorate a t-shirt

- make letters for daddy and then he can open one every week. 

- make a bracelet with your name with letter beads. Or daddy's name.

- Decorate your dairy 

- make a decorated mug from a white mug and nail polish

- make your own foxy tail (youtube: how to make a yarn tail)



things not so diy, but other activities:


- make a pillow fort

- decorate your room with christmas lights. (I have pink ones and I love them!)
- make your own bedtime story, write it down with drawings and read it to your daddy.


I hope that you have find some fun ideas here!


xx Icetea

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