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Hello~ I'm Mikitty!


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Hello~ My name is Mikki! I go by many names such as Mikkiplier, Mikitty, and Princess! c: I'm very new to the ddlg scene, but I find it extremely interesting and I believe it is something I would fit in well with. I love the idea of a man taking on a caregiver role and showering me with love and affection. I also really enjoy the thought of being my genuine childish self and someone loving me for that. Anyways! I'm 20 years old (but I'm pretty much 12. :p) and I live in South Florida. I'm really really really into Asian pop culture. I'm super shy, but when you get to know me I'm super outgoing. I love juice sooooo much. And don't even think about trying to get me to sleep with out at least 4 stuffed animals in bed. c: Thats really it. I hope to make some friends with other littles and find my daddy here. Please be kind to me~
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