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I decided to do the "Get to know you" thing, although I'm not sure who will even bother reading!

1. - What is your favorite color? Very Generic, but probably baby pink, although most of my clothes seem to be black.

2 - What is your favorite movie(s)? Although I enjoy all Ghibli movies, I'd have to say that "A Hitchhiker's Guide To Galaxy" is my favourite.

3. - What is your favorite food? I'm a vegetarian Kitty. (Don't run away - I simply believe that it benefits my health and that of the enviroment. I don't mind meat, I just prefer not eating it.) I adore Waffles, and Pizza with Brokkoli and Corn? /).(\

4. - Do you like watching or playing sports? I do kickboxing, rugby, and krav maga. Watching sport tends to bore me, but I enjoy Icehockey!

5. - Who is your favourite Author? Sylvia Plath. Or James Joyce.

6. - What's your favorite movie genre? Probably Thriller or Sci-Fi.

7. - Favorite hobby? I reaaally enjoy climbing onto rooftops, because I love watching the sun rise. Not sure if that counts as a hobby, though!

8. - Do you collect anything? I collect Postcards from all over the world, as well as friendship and festival bracelets, which results in half my forearms being covered by bracelets.

9. - Favorite TV show? Adventure Time! But I love Doctor Who, Star Trek and also Sword Art Online.

10. - Are you an introvert or and extrovert? I'm definitely more on the introverted side, but with people I know well I am very outgoing, and I openly speak about my opinion.

11 - What do you think is the best feature about yourself?

I don't think I could say! My hair has been through a lot of dyeing, but it is finally white - the colour I want it to be. I'm also really happy with my Septum and Smiley piercings!

12. - What's your favorite thing to drink? I adore lemonade.

13. - Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? Although I spend most of my time indoor and glued to a computer screen due to my occupation, I love the outdoors. I live for long walks and hikes, because it's so soothing and calming!

14. - What's your favorite animal? Kittens! Obviously. I adore big dogs though too.

15. - Favorite ice cream flavor? Dulce de leche.

16. - Favorite season? Winter! Nothing beats playing in the snow.

17. - What is your best talent? Lord of the Ring marathons without falling asleep.

18. - Do you like your handwriting? I don't mind it, although I often get critizised for it because it's very rushed, messy and illegible at times.

19. - Are you left handed or right handed? Right handed.

20. - Are you ticklish? Very, but tickling me is never a good idea, because I hate it.

21. - Do you like reading? It's one of my favourite past-times, i just wish I could find the time for it.

22. - Do you sing in the shower? No, but I am notorious for singing along in the car at the top of my lungs.

23. - Who do you enjoy spending time with the most? Adobe Dreamweaver, haha.

24. - What's your favorite video game? Currently probably Final Fantasy Type-0, but I adore Star Wars Battlefront and also CoD ghost. I'll still never grow out of loving pokemon and the legend of zelda, though!

25. - Favorite website? I probably spend most of my time on tumblr or twitch. Whoops.

26. - What was your favorite toy as a child? My build-a-bear that I sadly lost when I was about 10.

27. - What's your favorite type of sandwich? Avocado!

28. - Do you prefer baths or showers? I don't like bathing alone, but I feel very safe and warm in a long and hot shower.

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