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Hello out there,

my online name is Lina and i want to be someone's little princess girl. I want someone to take care of me and be interested in what i do and how my day is and be as childisch as i want and not have everyone tell me to be more grown up.
I only recently learned about this form of relationships but immediately indentified with the concept and want try this out and learn more about it.
About Me:
I'm currently still in school but have about 4 month left of it i live in Germany so our school system has a lot of options and that's why at 21 i'm only now trying to get a high school diploma so i can study at an university.
I'm not much of an social person but i get along with everyone and do have friends i go out with sometimes but i prefer to spend time at home in my room.

I love books, movies and tv shows i can pretty much cry and get so excited about storys and fiction in any form. I can get emotionally invested in almost anything. And love to talk about this suff.
My little persona i think would be like 13 or 14 years old i feel like that is the age i would like to be and i think i could also go younger but that depends on my mood. What i want in a DD/cg is someone to guide me and tell me what to do to explain things to me to motivate an encourage me to call out my flaws and just love me and give me affection and that not only emotionally but also physically.
I was always intrested in the BDSM stuff but it always felt / was too rough too hard for me with the punishment and sometimes degrading stuff against the  submissive.

I love to be submissive and have someone give me rules that suit my needs and spanking does excite me but i dont want to be bound all the time an be used only i also want love and affection and be able to go to my (in my mind) daddy and kiss him and ask for cuddles have him enjoy my childisch ideas and indulge me in my fantasies as i would do for him. I want a mix of rough and sweet and soft and im not only looking for relationships also for friendships ,pen pals someone who i can talk to and not be judged by.
This all very jumbeld i think but i hope it gave you a glimpse of who i am and makes you want to get to know me maybe.
Well i hope someone reeds this and replies and or sends me a friend request :)


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You should make a personal ad  in the personal ad board as well :) But welcome to the fourms  everyone here is very friendly so I hope you enjoy your stay :D

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