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hi im new here. i dont want to put out too much personal info. but basically this is how i found my way here. i have always been submisive. in petty much evey aspect of my life. bdsm has always been a part of me but i never explored my desires till a year ago. over several years i felt there was something different about me and that there was something wrong with me. a few months ago i came across ddlg. im a little. it was a relief to see that their was others out there that had many of the same desires as i do. my bf is very dominant and i love our relationship we have but i want to talk to him about this but would like as much info as possible. hes loving and caring and understanding but my past has me afraid of alot in life. if anyone would like to friend me and help me learn more about being a little, how to talk about how i feel and just walk me thru this transition in my life i would so greatly appreciate it. i know everyone is suppose to be nice on here from the rules but please if you have something negative to say please dont. i honestly am looking for help and info at this point so i can have a more fulfilling relationship and life. thank you

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