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Hello everyone I'm Eliza. http://bdsmtest.org/result.php?id=1358606

  1. What is your favorite color? Blue and Green(YAY SEAHAWKS)
  2. What is your favorite movie(s)? Poetic Justice and Princess and the Frog 
  3. What is your favorite food? CANDY hehe
  4. Do you like watching or playing sports? If so, what kind? I play volleyball and I love watching and playing football every now and then
  5. Who is your favorite author? E.L. James
  6. What's your favorite movie genre? Comedy romance or drama
  7. Favorite hobby? going to the gym and exercising 
  8. Do you collect anything? Shoes and clothes and volleyballs
  9. Favorite TV show? It depends on how I feel honestly 
  10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Extrovert
  11. What do you think is the best feature about yourself? My freckles and my personality 
  12. What's your favorite thing to drink? I like to try different types of detox waters and sometimes I drink orange juice
  13. Favorite thing to do to help you relax? I go for runs sometimes I take naps
  14. Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? Indoor 
  15. What's your favorite animal?I'm not an animal person but I don't mind them
  16. Favorite ice cream flavor? French vanilla
  17. Favorite season? Winter
  18. What is your best talent? Talking 
  19. Do you like your handwriting? I love my handwriting but it varies from time to time 
  20. Are you left handed or right handed? Both
  21. Are you ticklish? I won't tell
  22. Do you like reading? Sometimes
  23. Do you sing in the shower? oh no no no
  24. Who do you enjoy spending time with the most? My best friend 
  25. What's your favorite video game? I don't play video games  
  26. Favorite website? Pinterest.com
  27. What was your favorite toy as a child? (or in little space) I never really liked toys as a child
  28. What's your favorite type of sandwich? Italian BMT at subway
  29. Do you prefer baths or showers? Showers 
  30. Sweet treats or salty treats? Sweet but I mostly like sour
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