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mac tíre milis

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I first heard of DDlg from some cat girl post on instagram. so out of curiosity I looked it up and found what I read to be interesting and to have a certain appeal or at least the care and nurturing aspects of it. I have read through some of the links and information on the forum and found that I identified with some of the stuff(daddyvinnie article for example), At family gatherings I was usually the one looking after you little ones so I grew up and kind of naturally filled the role of... I don't know what the right word would be. 


I am new to this BDSM thing and there are certain things that I am not sure how I feel about, due to the abuse and harm I have come through by the hands of others growing up such as my father and most other people while around 9 I have a distaste for anything that remotely looks like abuse or causes pain to others. 


I hope to learn a great deal here.


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