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Hey everyone! Im really new to all of this? got some questions!


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Ok so I'm super new to this and been ready some post and had some questions. But before that some info you might want know: I'm 18, cis gendered, and heterosexual. I am a LGBTQIA ally(not officially but I consider myself to be), and proud feminist. I think that should be enough.

So here are some questions,


Whats a little?


Whats a big?


I can figure I would like to be a daddy or big but what do daddy's do exactly?


Anyone looking for a daddy?


Is there terminology I should know?


Is there a cap to age range I could like? Or no?


How is the sex like?


But I look forward to all this!

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Hi there! I see you're really new to all of this. I'm new too, but I've learned a lot over the last two months. I've had a little before, and now I understand that I am a Daddy type. You can ask me via PM anything you want. But first, I'd like you to visit Dominant Life on Tumblr and in the drop down menu you'll find a Library for Kinksters. Read every single one of those articles and they will explain almost everything you need to know about BDSM and the DDlg lifestyle.


Being a Daddy is hard work, because you are responsible for that special little one, and I do mean totally responsible. This lifestyle is not a weekend fling/kinky sex kind of dynamic. Littles are fragile and are easily hurt. If you're going to be a Daddy, then be prepared to earn that title. It's going to be a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it. I'm currently a Big friend and caregiver to a little here, and it is so fulfilling!


I don't want to come off as being rude, but please do not start asking littles to play with you or call you Daddy until you have done your homework. We have etiquette here, so be respectful, please. Asking a little to call you by any title is considered extremely rude, so please don't do it. I'm telling you this now so you won't accidentally step on any toes.


Welcome aboard, and I wish you the best of luck on your journey towards becoming a Daddy one day. PM me if you need help finding research materials or have questions.

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I can try to help andwee a few for you.


Little: A person who is not a child, but very childlike. There is some littles that feel very young (5 and below). Some feel older. And some (typically called middles) that feel pre-teen to teen years. Every little is different and has different interests and ways of expressing their little side.


Big: Daddy, Mommy, or any other variety of caregiver. Looks out for their little and takes care of them (somewhat like you would a child). Littles trust their caregivers very much, and in turn they must do what they can for their little.


What do Daddies do? Depends on the relationship and the little.


Anyone looking? We have a personals section ^^


Terms: There's a lot, but nothing you can't pick up by reading. I'm sure there's a comprehensive list, but idk for sure where.


Age range: This lifestyle should only be practiced by adults, out of respect. Other than that, no.


Sex: Depends. But you should be careful about asking. Some people aren't comfortable sharing. But there is plenty of NSFW Little/Caregiver blogs on tumblr, that would be a good reference.


And welcome. ^^

Best of luck learning about the lifestyle.

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