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  1. What is your favorite color? Purple

  2. What is your favorite movie(s)? Inside Out, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek the Musical, 

What is your favorite food? mac'n'cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, ribs, steak

Do you like watching or playing sports? If so, what kind? if im gonna watch sports its steelers football

Who is your favorite author? 

What's your favorite movie genre? animation/disney/pixar/dreamworks

Favorite hobby? coloring, second life

Do you collect anything? snoopy, disney stuff, water globes, elephant anything and stuffies

Favorite TV show? vampire diaries, originals, big bang theory,  

Are you an introvert or and extrovert? introvert

What do you think is the best feature about yourself? i got a big heart even though it been hurt lots

What's your favorite thing to drink? sobe

Favorite thing to do to help you relax? watch movies in the bath tub with lots and lots of bubbles

Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? both... love nature but not bugs.. scared of bugs that fly and sting and bite.

What's your favorite animal? ELEPHANTS 

Favorite ice cream flavor? reeses peanut butter cups

Favorite season? summer

What is your best talent? coloring

Do you like your handwriting? no

Are you left handed or right handed? right handed

Are you ticklish? sometimes

Do you like reading? yah sometimes

Do you sing in the shower? all the time

Who do you enjoy spending time with the most? my aunt julie, and my sl mommy

What's your favorite video game? disney universe, guitar hero

Favorite website? webkinz

What's your favorite toy? my big snoopy and my elephant stuffies

What's your favorite type of sandwich? peanut butter and jelly

Do you prefer baths or showers? bubble baths

Sweet treats or salty treats? sweet

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thank you... i also guess i shoulda put a few more things about myself... i am a 5 year old little. i love elephants a lot n i know a lot about them. n lots of other animals too. i kinda been through a lot so i am sad a lot unfortunately im trying to find my happy again. i had 2 RL daddies die on me.. one in 2011 and one in 2012... its been really hard.. i have a hard time getting over the 2012 one the most.. but im trying... i got a family in second life and i go to a school that is very discipline based. if you are interested in more... look it up its called Penitata Correctional Academy. or you can feel free to ask me anything. my big is one of the principals at the school as well as my mommy. so i know lots about it. 

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