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Hello from a Latino DD.


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Hello everyone. New to the site, but not entirely new to the scene! My name is Demitri and I'm from San Antonio, Texas in the US. My interests lay in playing video games, watching movies and tv (thank the gods for Netflix), anime, and all assortments of geekiness.


I'm in a polyamorous relationship between a primary local girlfriend, and a long distance dd/lg relationship. The long distance girlfriend I have known for many years in an on-and-off again romantic way but only about a year ago started exploring a dd/lg relationship with her. She calls me her Papí and I call her my Muñequita. While this is the first time I've solidly identified with the ddlg label, I'm told by a previous girlfriend that it seems a good fit for me and even while we were dating that she "saw glimmers of a loving and caring male authority figure" in me. Also, makes sense now that I realize she would dress up in cute outfits for me and call me "daddy" as a role play.


After planning for months my muñequita finally came to see me and stayed for about 4 days and we had so much fun! But after her departure I've felt a yearning to research more and find more people who feel like we do and like what we do and become part of the community. A fire has erupted in me and I just want to be the best Papí that I can be to my muñeca. And especially so with the added challenge of maintaining a long distance relationship.


So, I say hello to you all! I'm on FetLife and look forward to making all manners of new friends and peers. I'm not exactly looking for play partners or littles to take under wing, but who knows. I'm just here to learn and discuss.

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