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Black Desert Online character creator


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Do you like avatar creators? what is that you say? not enough options and customization? Are you ready to be blown away by how real, detailed, and amazing this new character creator is? ( this is beginning to sound like a tv commercial isn't it? ) First let me explain what Black Desert Online ( BDO ) actually is. BDO is a MMO that will be released somewhere in the middle of 2016.  It is known for one of the most detailed graphics you've probably ever seen in an MMO, but not just that. There is plenty to do and the way the world is build is quite immersive. The combat is exciting, Probably THE game to play if you want to immerse yourself into role-play, A massive world to explore ( no fast teleporting in this game, There are boats that you can craft and also your trusty horse ) I was going to start naming all the options here but holy guacamoly I would still be writing tomorrow. Now lets look into the character creator which I think will be fun for people even if they don't want to play the game. 


Firstly you will have to pick a class, As of right now it is unsure how many classes will be released at the start, there might be added more later. Some classes are gender locked and some have both genders. ( for the gameplay itself the skills sometimes differ a little bit depending if you choose male or female ). Then you get into the basic features such as choosing your hair, basic face etc. pretty simple right? Now you can start working towards the more special features.

You can change anything from the length of your arms to the thickness of your fingers, you can make your hair wavy, fall in different ways around your character, colour options? plenty!. 


You can make a few quick saves which will be stored on the bottom left of your screen so you can jump back and forth between designs you made so you don't loose anything in case you accidentally play with the sliders too much and end up looking like this: 

(unless you want that of course :D )




You can save your design and reload them if you have the correct class selected. 

Do note you can only save 1 char design at a time but I've found a simple way around this by doing the following:

make your character -> save it -> close the creator/game -> go to C:\Users\yournamehere\Documents\Black Desert\Customization -> cope paste the ''CustomizationData'' file -> make a new folder somewhere else -> paste it in the new folder. Tada! it's saved and you can make a new one while you have a copy of the old one. To be sure you don't overwrite the files or get them mixed up I made a simple system where I store every new design in their own folders with all my character creations which can be seen here:  https://gyazo.com/78a81451cffbf7e5644bd64642e38d70

Just copy paste the one you want to load and you will always have the copy in it's own folder. ( I like it organized :p )


Few examples of my own screenshots



Official Website



Official post about the char creator



Download/info page



Here you can see a small preview


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