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I figured i'd make an introduction :3


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(I have been on the forum now for a couple of days but i thought it would still be good to make an introduction).


I am new to the whole DD/lg community, but had been interrested for quite sometime. It mainly was because a girl i followed on social media was in to it, and i first (in all honesty) was like 'wait, does she call her boyfriend daddy?' finding it a bit weird. But since i'm not a shallow person i wanted to look in to before i would judge her. So i did some research, and i understand wat waas fun about it, i also looked in to petplay. I was getting hooked and realised that it was really fun and i was actually getting jealous of her. So that is when i realised i was in to it, and now i ended up being here. I define myself as a little, and have never been in a DD/lg relationship.


But now more about myself, I am Donna, 18 years old and live in Europe. I would consider myself a creative person. I am still going to school and i am studying Social Work. I also have a job in a supermarket where i work behind the register. I am a social person and i love attention. I am a very straight forward person, some people will like this, some people won't, but if i dislike something or disagree i will just tell you. My hobbies are playing video games and being with friends, but i love to be at home aswell, covered in my blanket next to the fire watching movies. My favorite movie (atm, i tend to switch a lot) is Star Wars The force awakens. For the rest, i have no clue what to tell you about myself, so if there are questions, feel free to ask.


I am a bit scared to show my real face on here, but since i do really like everyone on here, i think that in the future i might post a picture of myself. Now i'll just explain my looks. I have an average height and weight. I am very pale and have some freckles. My eyes are almond shaped and are light brown/hazel-ish. My hair is brown aswell and reaches my shoulders. 


I think that was it actually, thank you for reading this and maybe we'll end up being friends ^^

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