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Greetings from SpaceAustralia!


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Ok so maybe it's just normal Australia...

Hello there :) 

So I'm new here and was suggested to make an introduction so here we go :D

Ok so here is the normal stuff. My name is David, I live in Brisbane, Australia. I turn 25 tomorrow and although I'm very new I simply didn't know DD/lg existed. I have always felt this way and feel really great now that I know there are so many other people who love this as much as I do :)

I consider myself a very understanding and kind person. I love playing guitar! I have an acoustic guitar that I play all the time. I like playing video games, from Age of Empires to League of Legends. My favourite shows are Scrubs and Doctor Who. I love watching anime, Code Geass is my favourite because in my opinion it has the best ending to an anime I've seen. I loved No Game No Life to and a lot more. Dylan Moran is my favourite comedian.

I'm still looking for my first ever little princess but I have a feeling I'll meet her soon c:

Thanks for your time :)

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