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hi everyone,


At first, i was hesitant to make an account, but after reading through some dd/lg discussion topics I've seen that you all are a super caring community and I'm relived I've found somewhere to discuss this aspect of my life openly! 


Here's a little bit about me **


attempting to conceal my identity, not be corny, you can call me winter 


I'm 18 yr old girl & from the U.S :D


I love music, fashion, reading, psychology, and horses <3 so please feel free to talk to me, especially if it's about any of those topics.


I'm currently a college student :0


I began identifying as a little (no specific age, I just act the way I want to - as myself!) a few months ago. However, I have not yet found a Daddy who I can disclose this revelation to, not to mention live the lifestyle with. Unfortunately, I can't tell anyone I know in real life about this yet lol. But I'm not worried - I know there's someone out there for us all who has the same desires, fantasies, values and interests. It's just a matter or being patient, and being in the right place. I guess.


I think that suffices for a proper introduction? Sweet. Have a great evening everyone!

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