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Murr ~ Hello!

Prince Rin

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Hello there!


My name is Rin Alexander (not set in stone)

I am a nineteen year old Little who just happens to be a

Transgender (female to male)

I am into men only sorry ^^'


A little bit about me.


I am into drawing digital drawing, reading, writing my own stories

and possibly a novel saga of my own! I love to listen to music 

that is the best way to my heart is by music! I love a lot of music, everything but rap.


I love anime as well, big weeaboo! Cosplay I wanna get into as well, I am quite the little nerd. 

I would love to get into gaming as well, I have an Xbox and Wii U but would loveee a PS4 someday!

I have no started Testosterone just yet either, but very soon i will be, I dont work right now either.


I've had three back surgeries for Scoliosis so I have a lot of pain but I can still cuddle and stuff c:


I love pastel colors and black, uh kittens for days ! ^^; I feel like I rambled a lot but yeah that's me !

P.S what names do you guys like?

I like Rin Alexander or

Niklaus Tyler


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