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hey guys..


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Hey guys,


I'm scarlett, I'm a shy but very energic little. I suppose i've come here to make some new friends. I'm new to using the internet as a way to make friends in the DD/lg lifestyle soo heres hoping that it works, as I have no idea what I'm doing *shy laugh*. I've been a little for alllll of my life hahaa.. but its only in the last year that I've indulged myself in the lifestyle properly, although I do still have to be a big girl on a daily basis, my stuffie george comes everywhere with me.


I love my stuffies, strawberry milkshakes are my favourite thing ever..ohhh and cheese I love cheese *claps hands frantically*...I.like to watch films and cartoons and colouring is my littlespace trigger.


anyway I hope to get to know you guys as you all seem lovely.


chat soon


scarlett :) xoxo

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