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Little vinking girl


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Hello everyone!


My little baby girl name is millemusen and I'm new in the wonderful ddlg-world, and I'm from Denmark:) so my English is really bad.. Tihi


I love to paint in color books, and watch frozen or Barbie!!! I love pink, and my stuffies name is fluffy.


I where diapers, and drink from bottles :) and my favorite drink is ice tea!!! Tihi :):D I'm have always my pacifier with me and stuffies.


I really want to find some friends, because My daddy is always working and I'm feeling lonely :( and I'm not the best to sitting and remember to do my things or sitting alone in to many hours so If someone wanna writ with me it would be wonderful!!<3


And it was my daddy's idea:) he thinks it would be a lot easier for him to work <3

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