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New to this website hoping to meet some people (also have an interesting affinity)


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Hey everybody I'm new to this website and I'm making this post to meet some new people haha. A bit about me, I'm male and 18, from the United States. I discovered this on Omegle but the site is so cancerous i can't take it anymore. I've got a diverse amount of experience from being a Daddy to a Master/Dom.


One special interest I have is hypnosis because it brings a new dynamic into the relationship. It's very fun because I can do all kinds of things from making you feel like I'm actually there cuddling you to making you orgasm with two little words. It's not for everybody of course but i always open it to my sub/little and I'd be willing to do it for other couples who are interested.


If anybody is interested in talking to me just post here or message me i guess haha.

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