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Another New Little ^.^


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Hi everyone! i'm new to the forum and have been in the DDLG lifestyle for about 5 months now although me and my Daddy have been together for almost a year. We started out as a vanilla couple and then stumbled upon a blogpost about DDLG and were shocked (but very excited) by how similar we were to the people writing the post. Turns out, my Daddy has always felt like a Daddy and i've always felt like a little, we just didn't know what to call it. Since then we have been busily reading up on the lifestyle and incorporated it into our daily lives. If i could be little 24/7 i totally would but work means that i have to put my 'big girl' hat on and go be big while i'm there. But more often than not, i bounce straight back home for cuddles with my stuffy and Daddy.


i don't have many friends IRL as i moved country a year ago and find it hard to socialize with people, so i joined this site to hopefully meet some new little friends who i can talk to. No one in my life knows about mine and Daddy's DDLG side to our relationship, my family and friends all think we are a typical vanilla couple so it would be nice to get to know other people in the community :)

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