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Hi everybody!

I'm new to this lifestyle then I'm trying to learn all.

I'm 19 and I live in Italy (I'm italian too xD).

I like anime&manga, cartoons, videogames, movies (Tomorrow I will watch the Oscar for the first time!), photography, fandub, books, graphic and travel (I want to visit countries with a backpack, in an adventurous way).

Also this year I will attend an university in Milan (I hope so, but there's an entrance test), to study graphic.

Hope that is not spam, here's my youtube channel (there are fandubs but all in italian, sorry) and my facebook page where I post my graphics works: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz0lnzqJcEKLyWcNCbVDjew


I have one question that haunts me a while. Can I be considered a little/middle or in the dd/lg lifestyle?

Because I dont' like very much pink, colouring, collars, diapers and pacifiers. Also I'm asexual (I don't like sex and have sex, but I know that in this lifestyle sex is not the must important thing).

Another question, for eventual italians, is if there's an italian community of dd/lg or a translate in italian for this lifestyle.

Oh an important thing is that at the moment I'm not interested to have a relationship with a daddy because I'm new, maybe later.

Gnnn all done, sorry for the papyrus and for my possible grammatical errors (correct me please, if you see it) ;)

Then... See you soon!

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Guest Pouty Kitten
Hello there! Welcome to the forum! Of course you can still be a middle/little if you aren't into pink, coloring, etc. We all have varying interests..that's what makes us all unique :)
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Hey welcome! And to answer your question you CAN be little if you don't like pink and if you are asexual or just don't like sex. 



EDIT: Just realised that question has already been answered 

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