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New Little to the Community


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Hello, everyone <3 

My name is Cait


I'm a 20 year old college student studying art.

In the past year I've become aware of the DD/lg community, and have been trying to explore, and get to know myself as a little. I haven't had a daddy or mommy yet, but I'm excited to see if I get the opportunity to have one. 

Right now, I'm not really looking for a caregiver. Of course that would be wonderful, but what I really want is to make friends in the community, especially with other littles, male or female. 

I don't have many little friends, and I don't get to speak with other littles. This can be difficult because that means whenever my little state is triggered, I either have to suppress it, or experience it alone. 

I hope that by joining this website, I am able to meet other littles and caregivers who can be my friends. 



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