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Hi! I'm new here and fairly new to the DD/lg community (although I have been following DD/lg and ABDL pages on Tumblr for a couple of years). I am an lg, and my little age is around 3-5. Here are a few things about adult me:


~ I'm a 23 year old girl

~ I love animals! I'm a vegetarian and have worked with animals for most of my life (from dog/cat grooming to being a jockey)

~ I love to read! I also really like languages (I did my minor in Latin).

~ I love being outside! I grew up in inner-city Philadelphia so I really appreciate the outdoors!

~ I love, love, love dance! I've always been pretty particular about my body image (I used to be a model), so I try to find fun ways to stay in shape and pole dancing has been the most fun so far (in a studio, lol).


Now here are some things about little me:


~ I identify as somewhere between 3-5

~ I LOVE cuddles!!!

~ I love coloring! (adult me is very artistic too!)

~ I am very shy and sensitive

~ I love stuffies!!! Especially alpaca stuffies!


If there's anything else you'd like to know, please ask! :)

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