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This is a kink?

Dashi Capalini

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   In my struggle between being a social butterfly and a antisocial worm, i've somehow landed here...

Hello to all.

   I never thought of this Ddlg dynamo as a kink, I guess i've always been part of it without really knowing. All the relationships i've been in have covertly or overtly succeeded because of an acceptance of this flavor of yin-yang. It comes naturally to me, so i can be truly magnanimous.

   Petty tortures and displays of "dominance" look to me like a poor monkeys weakness, showing insecurity to those who most need strength. For those who need and value the masculine energy, i have only love and kindnesses. punishment should never flow as easily as affection.

  Putting aside all seriousness, i want to play. I crave silly sweetness, thoughtless giggles, cuteness. All the things that i am not.

   Faithfully, Dashi


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