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Aeris- Ultra caring switch from Southern Ontario


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Hi people, I'm Felix. I'm a Daddy Dom Little boy  switch, looking for friends and the possibility of getting into a relationship.


I'm very shy and outgoing (yes contradicting but you'll understand when you chat more with me)


I'm super loving and caring and it doesn't seem like many people have been wanting that in my past relationships, thus I turned to CGL DDLG MDLB because I understood the overwhelming amount of passion and love that the people

in this lifestyle have within them.


this has become part of me, rather than a secret lifestyle.


I'm energetic, clingy, and I get attached quickly.

I am a switch so I still need attention even if I'm the Daddy.

I'm sort of self conscious about my appearance.

cute things overjoy me.

I like receiving letters and when people chat with me.

I'm very intimate at times but I'm so shy that its contradicting, for example a neck kiss one moment and then I'm hiding behind the couch.

Feel free to chat with me, I bite! (bites are amazing)




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