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Little Green Lolita ~


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Hai! So I'm a total and complete perv, and yet in my own shyness I've never fully delved into my 'little' side outside out hentai until recently. Besides perving out, I am a gamer, barista, artist, and I spend most of my time with my pets and plushies.


I'm a 22 yr old animator, musician, and creep; I'm looking for a Daddy/Mommy/Sis or Bro to roleplay with and tease. While I don't do meetups, I want to build a CGlg relationship via skype, snapchat, and the like that can help me build up my cosplay/Lolita wardrobe, my self esteem, all the while making someone very happy (and turned on). I love being cute, playing dress up, and using my toys on cam, as well as sharing my worn panties and stockings with those who truly appreciate the smell of a horny nerdy girl.

I'm currently in a relationship, and therefore flying underneath the radar to get my twisted kicks and grins; however I have lots of free time with my cam and plenty of outfits and toys ~ just not enough attention. I crave to be spoiled and worshipped, but I also desire to serve and please, in respect to my caregiver and their wishes. My fetishes are varied, but I particular love panty sniffers, petplay, exhibitionism, and BDSM.

I adore fetish roleplays and I really would love to have a camDaddy/Mommy to teach me how to be a good little submissive pet. In the meantime, I think I'll go ahead and make myself at home here and explore the world of being a Little. ^.^ Thank you so much for reading my intro ~ it means the world to me! <3





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