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Hello all!


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So a few days ago I joined this community site to get a better understanding of the DDLG lifestyle and community. I became interested in it because of a friend who used the term "DDLG" jokingly. I have a slight obsession with older men, they're the equivalent of fine wine to me. I'm still unsure if I'll be sticking around in such a community, as it is more of a BDSM thing (Which has never appealed to me too much), and not to mention my sexual interactions are limited, and I like them that way.


Anyways, I'm Amethyst! You can refer to me by my username here, or by my name given. Despite my unsure mind, I am aware that I'm more or less considered a little. I'm passionate about the arts, and I'm the type of girly who's pretty geeky and loves things such as video games, anime and other cartoons. Speaking of which, some of my favorite shows are Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, and even Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.


If you have any questions about me, or would just like to talk, please do! I'm excited to try to get to know some people on here.

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