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Hewwo all! I'm not new to the site, just rejoining after quite a while! 

I have noticed that there are now soooo many members since I was last here and I can't wait to gets to know evwyone!

My name is Kimi! I'm a little/ab/kitten!

I do haves a daddy who I've been wiff for 10 years! He's my best fwiend, and husband and is also apart of this site!

We have two beautiful children together (and will hopefully be adding another in the future. He says no now, buts I'll make him change his mind >.>)

Anyway! I am 25 years old! (booo =[) I live wiff daddy in Texas!

I haves many many interests. Can't exactly tink of a list this second, buts will get one going soon!

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