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Documentaries on ddlg/abdl/petplay


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I've been looking for one for years, but never found any specifically for ageplay of any kind. Everything I've seen has come from various Youtubers and news segments. :/ I feel like there really ought to be one though, given its recent spike in popularity.


There was a reality series on Netflix a while ago called Kink that followed a bunch of BDSM folks around, though, and one of them was an old guard leather Dom in search of a little boy. It was an alright show, but I found some of the stories to be a little bit boring honestly.

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There's a Netflix one called Life 2.0 and a bit of it is about a middle aged man using SecondLife to live as a pre teen girl. It's not a flattering portrayal.


15 stone babies is good.

There's two episodes of Taboo floating around dealing with abdl one with a guy named Stanley and the other has a girl named Riley.


There's a Natgeo episode on Pet play one with a pony and the other is dog named Tyke. I've seen all these on YouTube

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