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Hey Everyone


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So I have been on the site a while but not sure of I did an intro yet lol.


I have a couple different names but as you can tell by my username I love wolves. Other names I go by are: R, Ree, and so on.


I am almost 26, I am well educated, a college graduate, and I would be what many cause chubby/curvy. I am still working on body image acceptances and weight loss.


One of the most important things about me that I can't seem to stress enough is that I am as switch, so I'm not just a little, or a dom/Cg.


I've mostly been in the leading role so I'm fairly new to this side of me. My "age" fluctuates a lot depending on mood so I can vary between little and middle.


Ideally I am looking for someone who can accept that I am both sides of the coin, who accepts me for me and is willing to work with me.


Like anyone I have likes. Dislikes, and limits but I also believe on establishing a friendship first. Don't be afraid to talk to me!



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I hope so too though as of yet the few people who have shown interest end up not being interested due to my "double life" as one put it.

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