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hi everyone! first off, i don't feel comfortable publicly sharing my name, so i guess you can address me by my username. but i am 18 and i live in canada. i am female if anyone was curious.
i started hearing about this lifestyle from a few friends, and i was really intrigued. the more i read about it the more i felt like i'd found something i connected with. i strongly think i am a little. i've always felt like a kid at heart and the more i read about it the more i was like "this definitely sounds like me"
i'm not looking to meet anyone as of right now.
as for my sexuality i'd say asexual or graysexual. i'm exploring and learning, for many years i think i was just pushing away what i truly felt because i was ashamed. i'm working on it.
a little bit about myself i guess, i really love dogs, like a lot. i also love animation, like disney and other movies, shows, and anime, disney and sailor moon especially! i always have, and i'm hoping to pursue a career in animation, or at study it in college.
i guess thats it for now, i'm super excited to learn more, make friends and be a part of this community :~)

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