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Hello people!

Guest Northie

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Guest Northie

Hi everybody!


I just turned 24, I'm Scandinavian, living & working in London. I wouldn't really call myself a little, middle or anything like that to be honest but I guess that's ok :)! I get cold easily and that's why I love huge blankets and furry dogs! I also get excited very easily. I'd say I'm pretty adventurous, meaning I'm not afraid to try new things and travel to new places. I don't really know what else to mention here but don't be afraid to contact me, new friends are more than welcome :)!


Like many others, I'm also very new to this site!


Biggest fears: dentists, rollercoasters, losing my friends/family.


Dislikes: risotto (just no!), people who put me down, hot weather.


Makes me sad: If it looks like a dog doesn't like me too much (why, I obviously love you so why can't you love me back doggie :(.


Likes: animals, candies, rain, huuuuge soft beds with many pillows, autumn, gym, making snowmen, snowunicorns or any other creatures, studying languages (I can speak 4 now), alternative music.


What I look like: I'm very pale (I always become bright red during summer because of sun and I forget to wear sunscreen :(, I have red hair, green eyes and I'm almost 5'9 (174).

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