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I am a little and a submissive. I am new to this forum (obviously). I really hate posting these sorts of things and being new in general. I am a part of a Hufflepuff (Harry Potter) chat on Facebook and I am still awkward and I have been in it for months. I am also seriously nervous about breaking one of the rules for posting. I love rules for safety but anxiety wise rules terrify me.


I found this site when I was looking up Jenna Marbles and that collar she has been wearing. Lol. Happy I stumbled upon this site.


I have been a submissive since I turned 18 (I know, eye rolls)-22 now and a little for about a year and a half. I am in an open relationship with a great man. :)


I hope to make some friends who are like me, but also who I can talk to about random things.



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