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How is everyone?

I'm new to this forum and lifestyle.

I go by Bear

I'm agender

and my pronouns are they/he/it

Which also my profile.

I have no caregiver and not looking for one.

That was really b*tchy.

Have a nice day.

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Hello, Bear and welcome to the forums! I don't think it's..witchy (tehe) at all to state you're not looking for a Caregiver. I hope you do make lots of friends and learn a bunch from our site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

I just dont want a bunch of people messaging me, asking if I need one.

(I don't know if that happens on here)

I have a bf but since he's under age.

I dont drag him in to it.

We have talk about it.

We have chosen to wait until he's 18, to bring this part into our relationship.

(So much TMI)

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