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Hi, I'm Bella or B. I'll be 29 on May 5! My fiancee (officially engaged a couple days before Thanksgiving) is my DD, my Sir, my Master, my Owner, my best friend, my lover, my caregiver and so much more. He's a dream. He's 51 this year but he is amazing.


I am a thorough masochist, brat, submissive, bottom, kitty, wolf, mermaid curvy small bbw girl with a heart full of love and passion and soul... Capacity to love so many... I've been stomped on, walked over, used, abused, I've been raped and molested as a child and raped as an adult almost 2 years ago.


I do suffer from mental illnesses. My main diagnosis is schizoaffective bipolar type 1. My comorbidities are borderline personality disorder, I was a self harmer from the age of 10/11 to ... 2014, I have a defective thought disorder, adhd, panic and anxiety disorders, two forms of ptsd that has probably turned into 3... I was just (December 26) in an F4 tornado... and then a wreck a couple weeks ago... I'm suffering from symptoms of ptsd. Insomnia. I have had hallucinations... I do suffer from them... visual, auditory and tactile.


At my age, most have been through relationships... I had only had one other than with my Daddy Dom and it was with a girl... I've always kind of been afraid of being with men but...




We've almost been together a full year. :D


Um, I'm always looking for modeling opportunities ... I'm still abeginner but I have been told I work the camera good especially under good direction but pornographic and/or nudity is not my thing. Implied or partial... maybe.




I'm an open book! I'ma huge music fan. Music has saved my life. I'm really empathetic and sympathetic and a good listener and easy to talk to so if you need anything.... Shout! :)

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