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Guest SaladHater

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Guest SaladHater

  1. What is your favorite color? 


  2. What is your favorite movie(s)?

    dont have any.

  3.  What is your favorite food?
  4. all food
  5. Who is your favorite author?

    cant think of any author names

  6. What's your favorite movie genre?

    horror or comedy


  7. Favorite hobby?


  8. Do you collect anything?

    rocks (no)

  9. Favorite TV show?

    one piece

  10. Are you an introvert or and extrovert?

    neither i guess im in the middle midrovert

  11. What do you think is the best feature about yourself?

    my rockin c0ck lol jk dont ban :( i guess im friendly. very easy to talk to.

  12. What's your favorite thing to drink?

    water, juice

  13. Favorite thing to do to help you relax?


  14. Are you an indoor or an outdoor person?


  15. What's your favorite animal?


  16. Favorite ice cream flavor?

    i cant pick one ):

  17. Favorite season?


  18. What is your best talent?

    staying up late and procrastination 

  19. Do you like your handwriting?

    ha, no

  20. Are you left handed or right handed?


  21. Are you ticklish?


  22. Do you like reading?


  23. Do you sing in the shower?


  24. Who do you enjoy spending time with the most?


  25. What's your favorite video game?

    its a love-hate relationship, league of legends and csgo

  26. Favorite website?

    pornhub, youtube

  27. What was your favorite toy as a child?


  28. What's your favorite type of sandwich?

    all sandwiches are my favorite

  29. Do you prefer baths or showers?


  30. Sweet treats or salty treats?


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