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DDlg Forum & Community Spring is Here !

New to this Forum site! I LOVE IT HERE!!! <3


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Hello everyone I'm Shayla But everyone calls me Little Kitten.  

I am 21 years old. I am mentally 5 according to the doctors but my little age is 3

 I love to dance sing and do art. I found The DDLG Lifestyle when i was 18 years old well on tumblr. When i first found out 

i was kind wondering what it was about so i looked into it more and found out it was something I quite enjoy My research found 

things like little space and from that point on i was drawn in to little space and being who i truly am a little. I love being In little space

It make me feel free and safe from all adult type things and the real world of cruel harsh things. 

I found this page One day when i was searching Up ddlg on the internet and decided to join it finally. :) and im very happy i did join 

I love it here and all the people are so nice!!! 



As of right Now NO i do NOT have a DADDY. 


AM i Looking. Sure. I don't mind meeting some new daddies and getting to know people! but my heart is only for one person who every they may be! 



Here are some Photos If me and Photos i like 










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