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Guest little-babyd0ll

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Guest little-babyd0ll

Hello! I'm an 18 year old little and I'm new to this site so I thought I would do this little tag! Message me if you'd like, I don't bite!


What is your favorite color? 
Pink or black!

What is your favorite movie(s)? 

anything Disney (my favorite Disney "princess" movie is Mulan)

when I'm not in little space, I enjoy almost every horror movie. the more gore, the better!

What is your favorite food?

Chicken nuggets & curly fries

Do you like watching or playing sports? If so, what kind?  
I don't watch or play sports :( I'm a lazy baby 

Who is your favorite author?  
I don't read much but my favorite book right now is The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson  :wub:
What's your favorite movie genre?


Favorite hobby? 
art, writing, scrapbooking, and cooking!

Do you collect anything? 

healing stones!

Favorite TV show? 
I have so many! Law & Order SVU, The Office, Dexter, Octonauts, Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go!, Peep and the Big Wide World, etc.

Are you an introvert or and extrovert?


What do you think is the best feature about yourself? 
my hair!

What's your favorite thing to drink?

OJ, water or coffee

Favorite thing to do to help you relax? 


Are you an indoor or an outdoor person? 

kinda both

 What's your favorite animal? 

Favorite ice cream flavor? 
coffee or mint chocolate chip

 Favorite season? 

What is your best talent? 
doing makeup or making art

Do you like your handwriting? 

when I'm not rushing, yes

Are you left handed or right handed?


Are you ticklish? 

Do you like reading? 

sometimes but I have a hard time focusing

Do you sing in the shower? 


Who do you enjoy spending time with the most? 

my best friend & DADDY!

What's your favorite video game? 
Sims & Webkinz

Favorite website?

tumblr.com, calmingmanatee.com, thenicestplaceontheinter.net
What was your favorite toy as a child? (or in little space) 
As a child: Littlest Pet Shop In little space: my stuffies

What's your favorite type of sandwich? 

 Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki from SUBWAY  :heart:

Do you prefer baths or showers?

Baths (but I don't have a bath tub)
Sweet treats or salty treats?
 both at the same time hehe  :p

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