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Shy Introduction


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Hi there, 


I am new to this forums, I joined yesterday but didn't get the chance to make an introduction thread since I was having so much fun in the chat room. I really love this forum site and everyone is so friendly and supportive! 


My name is Athena, but you can call me Shy. I am 19 years old and I live in America. I love to play video games, color, paint, sew, music (I play the trumpet), and animals! 


I like to think I am a very outgoing and positive person. I get excited easy  :blush: but I am very shy. 


Please feel free to talk to me anytime, but please be the one to start conversations as I have a hard time building up the courage to speak. 


Oh, and I am a little  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*


P.S can I upload photos of my art, stuffies and myself to my profile? If so, how do I? Thank you in advance.

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Guest Pouty Kitten

Hello and welcome to the forum! If you'd like to upload pics, use a image host and then you can insert the URL like so: [_img_] link here [_/img_] (Remove the underscores).

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