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    What games do you play?

    games mmo mmorpg game steam voice online fps rts rpg

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    #1 Sir Daddy

    Sir Daddy

      The Last Boy Scout

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    Posted 31 March 2016 - 06:36 PM

    Making a current spot for what games everyone likes to play... online or offline... fps, rts, rpg, mmo, etc... through some service like steam or a website or something else...


    Also what voice chat or other communications system do you use... one of these or something else?:























    ...also post your Com ID and other info to link up with other players.  If you've used different game chat programs feel free to critique.


    The games I play are:


    Guild Wars
    Hellgate Global
    Settlers Online
    Torchlight 2
    Diablo 2
    Drakensang Online
    Homeworld 2
    C&C RTS's
    Unreal Tournament (UT99)

    These are just the ones I can think of...


    I have Steam but haven't used in awhile due to their unethical EULA that they changed to.

    Might be getting a new rig in a few months to try some of the free MMO's out there like RIFT and Age of Wushu

    #2 tarnished_angel


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    Posted 31 March 2016 - 07:25 PM

    Ever play Forsaken World? I've heard of Guid Wars but haven't played it yet...i haven't heard of many of the others. Haven't played Neverwinter in ages..I use Arc but Steam used to be the only ways to play some of these games so it was good to have another option and arc seems a bit more stable than Steam was.
    I've used raid call and it was easy to set up and use but I think was so busy at time you would get disconnected a fair bit.
    I also play the Sims..have to say that's my favourite game right now

    #3 Guest_FrenchDaddy_*

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    Posted 01 April 2016 - 07:43 AM

    I only use Teamspeak and Roll20 for virtual tabletop role-paying games like Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, D&D, Star Wars, etc.

    #4 Eris 🐉

    Eris 🐉


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    Posted 01 April 2016 - 09:23 AM

    Some games:

    Alice Madness Returns



    Kingdom Hearts

    Sacred 1 and 2

    The Binding of Isaac


    SCP 087B

    Harvest Moon

    Animal Crossing


    So mostly I play singleplayer. =)



    #5 MadameButterfly


      Daddy's Princess

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    Posted 11 April 2016 - 10:50 PM

    I really have the most fun playing Nintendo games like all the Mario ones. But I've played all kind of genre of all kinds of different consoles. Some of my favorite games are:

    Legend of Zelda franchise
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy(particularly number VII)
    King of Fighters
    Any Mario game from any decade
    Soul Caliber
    Call of Duty

    I also like a lot of puzzle games or Tetris themed ones. Video games are amazing and a lot of fun memories with my siblings are us playing together.

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    #6 Little Emma Doll

    Little Emma Doll


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    Posted 25 April 2016 - 05:53 PM

    So many games ;w; lemme see what I can remember at the moment!



    Animal Crossing

    Cooking Mama series, along with Gardening Mama

    Kingdom Hearts

    Did a bit of Ragnarok with a friend


    Heavy Rain

    Little Big Planet


    got a youtube channel with a friend where we play video games. >w< Also watch a ton of people play games online, LPers <3

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    #7 BunBunBubbles


      Advanced Member

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    Posted 02 May 2016 - 05:41 PM

    Hi there. My three top games are Pokemon, Dance Dance Revolution and Hatsune Miku: Project MiraiDX.
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    #8 Meggles


      A Wild Megglo

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    Posted 21 May 2016 - 10:28 AM

    Daddy and I have over 150 games on steam, but the ones I love to play are as follows: Catlateral Damage, I am Bread, Tabletop Simulator, Putt Putt, Freddie Fish, Tomb Raider, Dying Light, Skyrim, Spooky Cats, Gta V, Plague Inc., Spermination, The Binding of Isaac, Who's Your Daddy?, Unraveled, and all the Five Nights at Freddy's.




    #9 dnswd


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    Posted 21 May 2016 - 05:08 PM

    Currently only playing single player games, depending on mood.


    1. Skyrim
    2. Fallout 4
    3. Xcom2
    4. Hard west
    5. Banner saga 2
    6. Ship wrecked

    #10 TheMatador



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    Posted 04 June 2016 - 06:59 PM

    I'm currently playing:


    • Overwatch
    • World of Warcraft
    • The Walking Dead & Life is Strange (With my little :) )






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    #11 princesszelda



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    Posted 07 June 2016 - 01:43 PM

    Really big into Nintendo! Some of my fav games are
    Zelda (love zelda so much)
    Plants vs Zombies
    Animal crossing
    Super Smash Bros
    Cool spot for super Nintendo



    #12 Guest_Little_Miss_*

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    Posted 07 June 2016 - 03:02 PM

    I only play cute games on a ds.. like disneys magical world and yokai watch to name a couple :3

    #13 Guest_StainedBlack_*

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    Posted 07 June 2016 - 04:47 PM

    Hello everyone.

    Right now I'm playing mostly these:
    Dark Souls 3
    Pokken Tournament
    Rocket League

    I would love to play online or battle pokemon though. If you're interest you can add me and ask for kik/skype/steam/discord/battlenet/friendcodes.

    #14 cheshirekitten


      Bratty Batty Kitten

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    Posted 07 June 2016 - 05:31 PM

    Right now the Current games that i play and enjoy playing are LoL, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, and SAO Lost Song. 

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    #15 Mint



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    Posted 08 June 2016 - 01:50 PM

    The games I play are mostly league of legends, but I´m also playing Bioshock Infinite and Dead or Alive. How is Overwatch? I´ve just seen the movie clips

    #16 Guest_StainedBlack_*

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    Posted 08 June 2016 - 05:27 PM

    Overwatch is great! It's pretty addicting, and much better with light hearted friends. I would definitely recommend it.

    #17 cheshirekitten


      Bratty Batty Kitten

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    Posted 09 June 2016 - 09:17 AM

    Overwatch is great! It's pretty addicting, and much better with light hearted friends. I would definitely recommend it.

    I feel like everyone has Overwatch and im hesitant to spend the money cause i am super not skilled at FPS games :\


    Darn my poor hand eye coordination skills lol

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    #18 Ryan C.

    Ryan C.

      Destroyer of Worlds

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    Posted 09 June 2016 - 09:18 AM

    I play mostly Spyro games on my Playstation 1 Emulator.

    Of course, occasionally I'd play stuff like Labyronia on Steam.

    #19 Guest_♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ⓇⓄⒷ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬_*

    Guest_♪ ♩ ♫ ♬ⓇⓄⒷ♪ ♩ ♫ ♬_*
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    Posted 28 August 2016 - 05:46 AM



    Zelda .. All <3


    Resident Evil  ..All 




    GTA V


    Guitar Hero 

    #20 Leo_Ascendent


      Hello, Zuko Here

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    Posted 02 May 2017 - 03:28 PM

    Saw the last gaming post like this was 2 years old, thought I'd start it up again.


    Anyways, what games are you playing now?


    Picked up Stardew Valley for my Xbox a few days ago, and Terraria for my Little and I to play together, also on the XO.

    Haven't touched it in a week, but also Breath of the Wild.


    Also a few random titles on my phone at work.... err, on the go. Yeah.

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